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    Chris Bevier's assignment 4


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    Chris Bevier's assignment 4 Empty Chris Bevier's assignment 4

    Post  cmbevier3 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:38 pm

    Standardized tests have been on the receiving end of vast criticism since the time they were produced. In the school system today standardized tests are used to see where one student lies on the grid in regards to his respected colleague. They typically come in the form of multiple choice questions that include subjects such as reading, writing, science, and mathematics. The original thought of these standardized tests may seem like a good idea and required for progression of the schooling system in America. However standardized tests do not administer life skills, cause massive anxiety, stunt the education of subjects not included in the exam, and other negative criteria that will deem the tests ineffective and useless to the education system.
    The two main qualifications that employers look for when hiring is problem solving skills and also critical thinking skills. Neither of these skill sets is tested upon during these exams. “How many jobs demand that employees come up with the right answer on the spot, from memory, while the clock is ticking” (Kohn 3)? In life we are encouraged to ask others for help or to gain another opinion on a problem to strengthen our own solution or conclusion. Asking for help from a colleague on a standardized test is classified as cheating and is highly discouraged by disciplinary actions. These evaluations do not prepare students for the world outside of school, and therefore should not be held in as high regards as they are. The majority of these tests are the deciding factor in whether or not a study graduates or not. Therefore, as an “exit test” these tests should make sure that students are prepared to exit, and not whether or not they can memorize terms and definitions that will not be used in the future.
    A major argument about the core of these tests is that the subjects being evaluated are those that will be most relevant in adulthood. Let’s take the reading comprehension section for example. “These questions ‘rarely examine how students interrelate parts of the text and do not require justifications that support the interpretations’; indeed, the whole point is the ‘quick finding of answers rather than reflective interpretation’”(Kohn 7). The student does not have a chance to explain how they came up with their answer and therefore do not have the opportunity to defend their conclusion. The scores are based off of a bubbled in letter that does not show and work or train of thought. In the land of math, the story is practically identical. The exams do not evaluate how a student came up with the answer. They measure whether or not a student can remember a procedure or equation, and not necessarily if they understand what they are doing. The bottom line is that a multiple choice math test does not measure logical thinking. Hypothetically a student could guess and get the right answer over a student who put in the effort and work but came up short. Science and social studies is no exception to this trending topic. They tests aren’t created to make one think like a scientist or historian would, but instead it’s a measure of how much facts and dates one can remember. Ultimately the tests measure a regurgitation of facts that the students do not understand, but know the definition.

    1.) What are ways I can improve my thesis?
    2.) What are some ways I can lengthen my paper out?
    3.) Were there any grammatical errors or weird sentences?

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    Post  C.HAMMER on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:09 pm

    1) Your thesis is well written and it gave a good preview for your paper
    2) I would maybe add more quotes to make the paper longer, and give more opinions on the quotes.
    3) a few sentences were run ons so I would read it over and then you can see where there might need changes

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    Post  landon.e.macy on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:54 pm

    1) Good thesis. Made its point and previewed the paper.
    2) Utilize block quotes
    3) A few grammatical errors. Mainly just awkward wording. Easily fixable.

    1)Good start to the paper. Good base
    2) Solid begining arguments
    3)You have the right idea and a direction for the paper

    Work on:
    1) re-read and make sure everything sounds correct
    2) Make sure sources are cited correctly
    3) lengthen out ideas

    How do you think the government officials can change the tests to make them more applicable to real life?

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