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    Post  Bree.Harris-Burton on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:05 pm

    Bree Harris-Burton
    February 24, 2012
    English 101.6
    Assignment #4

    As the year is coming to a close, high school seniors prepare themselves to enter the real world. Stressing about college applications, senior prom, and graduation; standardized tests should be the least of their worries. The only problem is, some schools require their students to pass the test in order to graduate. Is this fair? In the article, “The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools,” Alfie Kohn states that standardized tests are “not necessary, but highly dangerous.” I completely agree. Standardized testing is a waste of time, money, and doesn’t give children the chance to comprehend the topics.
    Why do we even need standardized testing? The government says that it is a good ways to help see how schools are doing, how to rank them, and if they should be funded or not. It also helps to see where students need help and where to be placed. In the Alfie Kohn article, it states that, “exams used to be administered mostly to decide where to place kids, or what kind of help they needed; only recently have scores been published in the newspaper and used primary criteria for judging children, teachers, and schools…” If the test is designed to see where kids need to be placed, why is it becoming such a big issue? Students know that if the test does not matter, why bother?
    Testing has been known to cause anxiety and stress. A lot of students hate taking them. Whether it be writing on a few topics, to filling in bubbles. In some cases, students get nervous that the organization of the bubbles doesn’t look right. So, the student doesn’t even check to see if it is the right answer, but if the organization is good. Students know that is it does not affect them for graduation, then they will not take the test seriously, thus causing lower test scores and more reason to issue the test again.
    Standardized testing has become an ongoing battle. Is it right or wrong? There is a not a huge division between right or wrong. Most people, including parents, students, and teachers think that the test is wrong. It blocks student’s imagination, makes the stressed, and can deny them a diploma. There is no reason for standardized testing anymore.

    1. What can I add to add more length without rambling?
    2.How is my thesis statement?
    3.What other arguments can I put in?

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    Post  sam.watanabe on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:18 pm

    1. You can add more block quotes and add a counter opinion.
    2. Your thesis statement is good, it could be more specific.
    3. Other arguments you could add is counter arguments.

    What you did well
    1. You had a good introduction
    2. You voice your opinion well.
    3. You have good voice throughout the essay.

    What to work on
    1. Add more evidence and arguments to the essay.
    2. You could add more transitions.
    3. Have counter arguments.

    What are the additional essays you use?

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    Post  charlie.barrows on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:36 pm

    1. Consult outside resources to add more quotes and generate more ideas to write about
    2. Your thesis statement is good,and flows well
    3. You could argue that the test results are not valid and elaborate on the subject
    Things you did well
    1. I really liked the flow of your thesis statement.
    2. I liked how you discussed testing and its effects on practical highschool experiences.
    3. Your syntax in the second paragraph was very good.
    Things to work on
    1. Research more articles, they will help alot with length
    2. don't be afraid to add more quotes to your essay
    3. Discuss how the importance of the tests affects anxiety

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    Post  austin.gonzales on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:47 pm

    1. Add quotes to make evidence o back up your argument.
    2. The thesis statement is good. It could be stronger.
    3. Talk about the governments role in education and standardized testing.

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